Can't apply margin/padding to nested columns

I’m having issues applying padding and margin to nested columns and rows. It seems that the only way my columns take any of these styles is by adding two classes to both the row and the column.

I’ve illustrated the issue visually on this page:

I’m wondering if this quirk with nested columns is an intended feature or a bug, and if there are any solutions to the issue without resorting to using multiple classes (which may get confusing in a professional environment).

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Hi @Sam_Stewart, it looks like you’ve run into a quirk that has to do with CSS specificity in our base grid CSS. When assigning two classes, your version “wins”, therefore allowing styling changes to be displayed. Unfortunately, we can’t do much about this at the moment (since a change to our base CSS could mean that existing sites can break visually) until we release our more robust grid system in the future. For the moment, the workaround is to add two classes - really sorry about that :frowning:

Hey @callmevlad

Insightful reply thank you kindly. It’s unfortunate that two classes have to be used but it’s something I can work around easily enough (with some good class names of course :P).

Do you have any information on when the new grid system may come around?

Thanks for the quick reply, it’s greatly appreciated.