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Can't add price or category to search results

Hey, I can’t seem to get the price or category to appear on the product cards in search results.

Ideally I want these cards to look the same as they do on the product categories page

You can’t because it is not currently supported in site search. The search display template is designed to work across all pages, collection items, and products. It does not currently allow for conditionals or unique values based on source.

I thought that you’d be able to by adding the ‘price’ tag into the search description (just like you add the product name tag into the title), then pull the search description through onto the search result item. Is that definitely not possible?

Quite a gaping hole in e-com search if you can’t display prices in the results.


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Hey Sam,

I am facing the same issue, were you able to figure something out? Even my linked product image wont pop up in the search, I’ve configured it exactly as you have.


Unfortunately not, still where I was when I posted this

@SBE its working for me now I just had to wait 24 hours and re-index the page from the search settings, it should have don’t that for you automatically by now though (it does every 3 days) so not sure that will solve it for you

But how did you add price etc in the first place?

@SBE Sorry for the delay here, I just saw this. You can set the price from “site search” settings from the product template page. I just chose the “price” field for the search description (see pic) and when building the search results page just used a text element for the price and linked it to the search description. Once everything indexed, the price started popping up.