Cant add custom domain

I have just bought a month with a pro plan. But I still can not link a coustom domain to my page. Why not? Do i have to pay even more ??? Is there a way i can use my own domain hoster?

Hi @cathrine82

Adding a custom domain is on a per-site hosting plan, so you can add hosting to a site (and use custom domain) whether you are on a Starter, Lite, or Pro - Designer plan.

The Designer plans are about how many sites you can create and design.
The Hosting plans are separate and added to those sites you wish to publish with a custom domain.

The best thing to do is contact the support team here: and explain what you are trying to achieve, so they can help get you on the right designer plan or hosting plan for your needs.

If you have a Pro plan, that support should arrive quickly as you get ‘priority’ on that plan.