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Can't add CMS items as an Editor

Hi all,

I have a client who can see the CMS collections I created, and can edit them when using his MacBook and Safari. However the other Editor I have invited, who is using Windows 10, and has tried IE, Chrome and Firefox, cannot see the CMS collections to edit.

I looked at some other forum articles stating cookies could be the issue. but we have changed the setting (see picture attached).

Can you think whether there are any other issues that do not allow one editor on Windows platform to see CMS collections but allow another editor on Mac platform to be able to see them?

Thank you in advance.
(Sorry I cannot share the site webflow site link due to NDA restrictions)

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Email if your project is under NDA

Reply - maybe, but I am almost 100% certain this is not the site biut the browser or platform, otherwise why would it work in Safari on Mac and not Windows?

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