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Can't add a background image to the slider widget

i have this problem
what can i do to fix this problem?

What issue are you encountering exactly? I looked at your site and was able to add background images to the slides with no problem.

i can add background image to the firest slide but i cant add background to the second or third slide
any1 have this problem?

Hi @vorojak, Thanks for the update. Can you try to remove the first slider completely, then without adding any styles to the new slider, add the background image to each slide, save changes and publish?

After doing that, can you let me know so I can look again ? There seems to be something funky going on with the original slider, I would like to see if the problem is solved by using a new slider widget.


ty my friend
i found the solution.
i use a RTL direction on the body and when i change direction LTR slider work well

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