Can't access the "Current" state of a link with combo class


I am having trouble styling the Current state of a tab menu item. I have a class assigned to all tab menu items “Tab Link”. We have also introduced themes, so I have a combo-class "blue’ also assigned. The interface doesn’t seem to allow me to access the “current” state of the item when I have both classes (Tab Link and blue). I either get “Tab Link Current” or “Tab Link blue”, not “Tab Link blue Current”


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Just disable the blue combo class, style the current state, and then put the blue back on. It makes sense if you think about not being able to style a combo-class. If you need more granular control, go with the interactions panel

That doesn’t work for me because I need to style the Current state when the blue theme has been applied. If I follow your suggestion, I would style the current state for the whole Tab Link class.

Then use interactions for what you need

I’m certain your still waiting on an answer for this from a year ago… :slight_smile:
I had the same problem. The weird thing was I had 3 other tabs in the same tab menu that were showing “current” on the subclass when set to current. My forth tab was acting just like you are describing.
The problem seems to be linked to setting the current state on the base class before adding the subclass.
The way I resolved this was by creating a new tab link class > styling the tab > adding my sub class > style the “current” state.
Not sure how this would work with multiple subclasses but if you have a root class and 1 sub class this should resolve your problem.