Can't access published PDF, goes to 404

Hey guys,

I created a cms collection for books so our clients can download them. I created the first book item and I’m trying to share the link via email. When I visit the link of the published item (also published site), the link goes to 404 page.

Why isn’t it working? Am I accessing it incorrectly?

Here is the link to the item:

Share link: Webflow - Youvelop

Website link:

Hi @Elicrespo.

Unfortunately that’s not how it works.

You can find the real link to your PDF by tapping the icon shown above.

Whenever you upload any asset into Webflow (no matter how you do it) they grab the asset and re-upload it into their public CDN. They then give you the link to it.

You have no control over the domain or path of that linked asset.

Here’s the link to yours:

Thank you @ChrisDrit. That’s what I used before and I already have it set up as you showed. But when I clicked on donwload from inside the email, it took me to a page almost similar to when a page doesn’t have SSL and asks you of you want to proceed. I clicked proceed to visit the PDF.

Hopefully it won’t do that in the future.

Thank you