Can't access more than 2 backups under CMS site plan

I’m in a Starter workspace and started designing a site. It looked like I was limited to only two restore states, so I purchased an annual CMS site plan. But the Backups panel is still only showing two restore levels and the Restore buttons below that are greyed out with the message “access to more backups are available for projects with hosting subscription or workspaces on a paid plan.”

Shouldn’t I be able to access backups with the CMS plan?

You should. Make sure to test again on a fresh browser with no history, work for some time (new backups every 20mn or so), create manual savepoints (cmd shift s) and see if it works better. If not, contact Support.

Or you backup automated to GitHub and have free backups and way more control about it :smiley:

You’re talking about exports, not Webflow backups.

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Yes so basically you can’t otherwise.

It’s a bug, the backups are free anyway :slight_smile:

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