Can't access "current" in the styling tab

I’m implementing the Finsweet ‘Table of Contents’ onto a blog post I have and I can’t seem to access the “current” state in the styling menu in order to change the color of the text when it’s active.

I’m following the instructions outlined in the ‘Current/Active State’ section of their guide here:
Table of Contents for Webflow

My read-only is below.

Did the states change in webflow?

Here is my site Read-Only: Link
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Hey Graffiki,

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Amazing, I did what you suggested in the style guide and had it done in less than 10-mins. Thanks for the video it made it easy to fix.

Thanks so much buddy, I would have never got there without your help :facepunch:

I’m having the same issue but seems like I couldn’t play the video on my side :frowning:
Do you mind sharing the solution once again?

Many thanks!