Can't Access All List Items When Filtering CMS Items on a Smaller Screen

Trying to filter a dynamic list and I can’t get to the bottom list items unless I put my browser full screen. I’m on a 13" MBP.

The Filter List hits the bottom of the screen and I’m unable to scroll to the bottom elements.

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Hi @Chris_Scott, sorry to hear about the trouble, are you able to scroll using the middle mouse wheel or swipe down with pointer hovered over the list?

Also, could you inform which browser is being used and what version of OSX currently loaded?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Dave,
I’m able to scroll the list up and down, but not all the way to the bottom. Using the trackpad on my MacBook Pro. I have to go into Fullscreen to be able to get to those last list items.

Chrome Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit). I’m updating now to see if that will fix it.
OS X 10.11.6

I’ll update the thread if the Chrome update fixes the issue.

Hi @Chris_Scott, thanks, that information is very helpful. As soon as there is more information available, I will also post an update.

Just FYI, now running the most up-to-date flavor of Chrome and I still have the same issue on my 13" MBP.

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