Canonical urls and tags

I am creating a website that will be comprised of both curated and original blog posts. The curated posts are those which may have been previously published but I have permission to republish on my site.

What is the process I need to do for these curated posts? I have seen some posts on here about how to do blog template search index settings, but those seem like global changes. I need to make sure that just the curated posts are indexed properly.

Much appreciated! I am VERY new to Webflow and not an SEO expert for sure. :slight_smile:

Hi Stacie,

From Webflow’s perspective a CMS item is a CMS item. There’s no difference between posts that are “original” and those that are “curated”, except differences you create.

Are you trying to make them display differently or SEO differently in some way?

Share your readonly project link with what you’re trying to change and describe where you’re stuck, and someone here may be able to help point you in the right direction.