Canonical Tag Issue - Causes Navbar to Change?

Hi everyone!

Having an issue with canonical tags - my site seems to work fine without them embedded in the header…but once they get added in, it appears that it overrides my navbar and turns everything white?

Been using Webflow a while now - learning new stuff everyday, but this is the only site-breaking issue I’ve come across and it does not affect the homepage?

Very confused. It only affects the published version of course as the code kicks in. Anyone able to shed some light?

RO Link

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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I should have noted that the canonical tags I am using are within Page Settings, under Header code,

<link rel="canonical" href="***Page name from slug> <p>This is a live site too so I need to get to bottom of this ASAP!</p> <p>I could just delete the canonical tags…but I need them to solve an issue in GSC as I changed my site structure recently.</p>