Canonical Tag Issue - Causes Navbar to Change?

Good afternoon all!

Very strange issue here - Ive been using Webflow for a while now, so I’m relatively okay with it & things work.

The root of my issue stems from GSC, I recently changed my site’s structure so I wanted to add a canonical tag to each page since things changed & GSC was having trouble with the transition.

Long story short, I added a canonical tag to each of my pages, and now it has caused my navbar to act strange. I don’t have a coding background, so I wonder is it the code itself causing an issue…

This could be a glaringly obvious mistake on my part, I’ve tried fiddling with z-indexes for the navbar to no avail, it just appears to push all of my content down a notch.

My RO link is below, it only becomes prevalent in the published version of my site (since its the header code that is affecting it).

Screenshots also attached. The navbar just becomes completely white. Any help appreciated as it is the first issue I haven’t been able to crack lol.

Custom code:

In designer:
After publishing:

Here is my site Read-Only: