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Cannot upgrade to pro plan

website displays a message

ValidationError: Username must contain only letters and numbers, no spaces or special characters allowed

Also… the website says “Don’t worry! The payment you made for your other plan will serve as a credit for your new yearly payment.”

but it displays the entire Annual amount of $420 instead of the discounted price.

HOWEVER… when the receipt arrives - it billed me the discounted price.

Thanks for pointing this out! We’re looking into it. Can you change your username so it fits those rules and try again?

So you are telling me… Controlled-!-Cha0s@^$ is not a valid User Name ??

Kidding… it was Controlled Chaos with a space. Have now changed it ControlledChaos… no space.

Also… my plan is still listed as “Personal”. Not Pro. Trying to tell me something ? :non-potable_water:

Also… in checking the exported code - it still has branding - so I guess there’s a manual upgrade process Webflow has to do ?

Can someone please address this ?

I still haven’t been upgraded. My plans is still “Personal”.

Suppose to be “Pro”.

Sorry for the delay @Revolution. Can you send us an email at with your account email so we can look into what’s happening with the account? That would be better than divulging sensitive information in the forum.