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Cannot select the bold and medium font weight after upload font

When i upload an helvetica font, i can only upload one version like “medium” it does not take het light and so on… Even when i upload it several times. Is there a solution for this?


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@Koen Which type of font are you trying to upload? e.g. ttf, otf, woof…

Thanks for answering Alex, its a TTF.

Ok, First, try clearing your browser cache. Then upload all the three types of the font together if available.
OTF is preffered over TTF for web fonts. See

Which font is it if you don’t mind?

I think the problem could be the your browser or the account itself. I have tried the same upload and everything went ok. See below.

@Waldo @PixelGeek any insights here?

Hey @AlexManyeki and @Koen are you uploading all the font file types for maximum browser support and naming them the same name just different extensions?

@Waldo Mine is working ok. @Koen 's seems to have an issue.

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