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Cannot see the names of level 2, 3 etc combo classes in the ‘inheritance selector’

Hello guys,

I am going crazy… Please help… I am trying to work with 3 (or more) combo classes on a DIV.
In order to modify only one class, I click the orange text ‘Inheriting x selectors’.
The inheritance box appears just below, so that I can select the combo class I want.
The problem is that this box is far too small and I can’t see the complete names of combo classes of levels 2 or 3 etc., so I can’t select what I want.

What am I missing? How can I see all the names in the ‘inheritance’ box? (I am unable to resize it).

Screenshot (look on the right hand side):

Here is my site Read-Only:
(the page where this happens is ‘Test’).

Many thanks!

I don’t believe there’s anything you can do here other than modifying some of your class names so that they’re a bit shorter. That said, clicking on any specific option will show the selected combo class elements within the class selector panel—with the orange border signifying that you’re editing a specific set of selectors:


It’s also worth noting that the inheritance list follows a pattern in the order they’re listed, meaning that each choice above the initial selected option in the inheritance list is omitting the last-most combo class in your “stack”.

Hopefully that helps!