Cannot see multi reference field on Blog Page

I have added a Blog Category multi reference field to Blog Posts and added 3 categories to my Blog Post: Category 01, Category 02, Category 03

I have then added a Collection List to my Blog Posts Template to show the categories belonging to the post. You can see in design view it shows the 3 categories in purple so I’m pretty sure the collection list is working:

Eventually I’d like to make the categories look like badges and be clickable:


But before doing that, I’m trying to make them visible on the page!

I have no idea why they aren’t displaying, can somebody help me please?

Here is my public share link: LINK
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hi @Antony_Xenophontos reason is that you do not have set any element to be displayed in your collection. Once is in you can give it class eg. badge and style it as you want. You can set basic color of category in in your CMS category collection. You can look on WF university to learn how to

Thank you Stan.

I’ve got it working now.

hi @Antony_Xenophontos feel free to close your request as solved.