Cannot Open Menu in Mobile MODES HELP PLEASE

Having issues with opening my Drop Down Menu Links? can not find them?

Here is my public share link: [LINK][1]


I think you dragged the menu parts out of the regular dropdown element. I’d just make a new dropdown and apply the same styles to it. I can’t tell by looking at it what is what so thats what I would do.

@bruceo, for make Navbar widget work properly, menu button and menu-block (where is all menu links) should be both inside the navbar (with little house icon). Other way menu button became “disconnected” from menu and will not work.
Unfortunately, you messed up navigation and it has different structure on almost every page.

I would suggest to recreate and restyle your navigation, create the symbol from it and then add it to all pages.This way your navigation always will have the same style and structure and if you will change something on one page, it will automatically change on others.

More about symbols you can find here


thank you will try from scratch on menu items… beginning to understand … will check out symbols… bruceo

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