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Cannot move collection lists if there are 20 lists on a page

I’m having sim issue. long story short… as a newbie to web design and webflow i avoided collections at first do to overwhelming learning curve in relation with also learning webflow. i endedup moving forward with ix2 and then after the fact trying to introduce collections. hopefully in the future the great webflow geniuses will be able to sink ix2 and collections, but until then or until i learn/restructure my layout I’m running a few collections of ONE item… sadly … still seems like magic to me tho lol.

all that said… I’m just trying to place them in a specific order… and thats when i get the “20 list limit” error …when i try and swap the order of to sibling collections. with in “PORT LEGACY” section>>under “CLN PORT”.
i have a 3x3 grid of 9 images … would like to control the order they display!

i believe on layout/structure note… its that I’m linking collection items to a “light box” within a “light box”… and not collection pages thats not jiving with collections limits. i think… not sure… i tend to search for the boundaries in life.


@ROOSTER thanks for posting about this!

It looks like there is an issue where you cannot move or nest collection lists if you have exactly 20 lists (the current limit for collection lists).

I’ve reported this to the team and we will begin investigating this.

There is a workaround you can use in the mean time:

  1. Cut one collection list so there are 19 total
  2. Reorder collection lists
  3. Paste back 20th collection list

I’ll post back here when we have a more permanent solution for you.


@Brando sounds like a plan… ill go thru my collections and cleanup my learning curves… see what it do.

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@Brando worked like a charm! thank you…i have to say that every blind corner i round and run into an issue… webflow staff is right there to help. you guys kill it on so many fronts! glad to be part of the process…


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@ROOSTER Thanks so much for your kind words :slight_smile:

I’m happy to hear your experience has been awesome so far! :tada:

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