Cannot Import to Multi-Reference Field

I’m trying to import data into a Collection. Products with variants.

One of the fields of the collection is mapped to a Multi-Reference collection. This Multi-Reference collection doesn’t have any data in it yet.

When trying to import the below data, I get the message ‘The Imported data isn’t compatible with this field’.

When I reduce the number of options to 25, it works.

Any ideas what I am doing wrong? Can Multi-Reference fields literally only have 25 options?

The data:

Olive Green, Orange, Peach, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Silver Grey, Sky Blue, Teal, Gold, Turquoise, White, Custom, Apple Green, Baby Pink, Pale Yellow, Black, Bright Orange, Bright Pink, Chocolate Brown, Dark Red, Coral, Dark Turquoise, Bright Green, Fuchsia Pink, Hot Pink, Dark Green, Ice Blue, Ivory, Green, Lavender, Mint, Light Pink, Marigold, Mauve, Navy Blue

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From this page: Multi-reference field | Webflow University


So I think you might be correct.

I think that might be referring to the number of fields you can refer to in a Collection and the number of Reference fields in any Collection.

I’m talking about after those Multi-Reference fields are setup, when referring to them I can only seem to add 25 references in that field.

Yeah there is probably a hardcap at 25 references. You can try combining some references or splitting them up on multiple fields.

Worst case, try contacting the customer support.

Solved - Turns out you need semicolons - CSV import now supports reference and multi-reference fields | Webflow Features