Cannot get burger menu to open on mobile preview

Hi there I cannot get the mobile burger menu to open on mobile preview when sharing the link. It works in the designer but not when viewing the read only preview.

Can anyone please help?

Thanks in advance!

Hi tbrs, it looks as though you have an element trigger on the menu icon set to Mouse click (tap) as . Remove this Element trigger from the menu icon (melted) as there is already an Open Nav interaction on the main navbar (Sticky Nav) so the mouse click menu icon interaction will be conflicting with it.

Hi WisdomainUK thanks for your message!

I have checked and there isnt element trigger on the (melted) menu icon. There is an element trigger on the Sticky Nav for nav-menu opens and nav-menu closes.

Not sure if either of these are causing the issue!

Just to add I am using an Iphone 13 pro max to test it on :slight_smile:

Updated link: Webflow - Rex Rental


Ok that’s fine, just taken a look at the new link you sent and can see the “mouse-click - none” interaction has gone so know that’s not conflicting. Could try resetting the following parameters on “melted” element as these are the only settings I can see have changed as you go down sizes:

  • Size-Overflow to Visible as currently set as Hidden

  • Layout-Display to Block as currently set to Flex

  • Position-Right to Auto as currently set to 0.

On first viewing of the read only link I can see that the menu doesn’t open from tablet view downwards but when you change to design then back to preview the menu works fine so bit tricky to fully debug.