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Cannot get a Zen hosted domain to work with webflow

Hi All,

I’ve published a clients website and updated all the cname and aname records. In my webflow console it says everything is working:

however when I try to load the website: nothing loads.

They have their domain hosted at zen hosting, I’m wondering if I just need to wait a but longer for it to “pull through”, it’s been two hours since I updated everything.

Any advice would be great!


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Hey @Steve_Wright

Loads for me. Starts as a tv screen

Bizarre, it loads fine on 4g and on a friends wifi but on my virgin wifi it won’t load :confused:

@Steve_Wright you might be facing DNS propagation issues… These things can take 24-48 hours to fully show up. Make sure to flush your Cache and your DNS Resolver on your computer. Hope it shows up properly on your wifi. I know how frustrating stuff like this is as I have faced it a couple times.