Cannot figure out why social media icons not clickable

The linkedin, ig and eventbrite icons in the footer of my project are not being able to be clicked on or leading to their respective links, even though the ‘back to the top’ icon in the same larger div works. At this point, i must be overlooking something major. please help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Clover Snacks

Hi @Ananya_Panda it is because your header__navigation has position fixed and cover whole page This mean that div-social is under (covered) header__navigation. One possible solution is to set position relative to your div-social and give it higher z-index. To get access to div-social element you need temporarily set header__navigation visibility hidden. Done

Thank you so much! I set the div-social to relative and z-index auto and it worked!

hi @Ananya_Panda if issue doesn’t exist feel free to close your request as solved .