Cannot figure out 404 issue affecting single page


Hope I’m in the right section - have an issue with one of the links on my page redirecting to the “wrong” URL and resulting in a 404. I’m sure there’s a pretty dumb solution to it, but I’ve been driving myself nuts for about an hour now and can’t figure it out.

I have three pages:
Home | Services | Contact

I created a new page earlier to fiddle around with an issue on the pages earlier. When I was happy with the result, deleted the old pages and updated the settings for the new pages (Title, slug etc. to match what I had before.)
I think at one point I accidentally set the Services page as my new home page.

Anyways - everything works fine now. Except that the links on pages that should be pointing to the new services page all point to the old slug and result in a 404.

I attempted to fix this via 301 in my hosting settings to have the wrong URL point to the correct one - no cigar.

Here is my public share link:[1]