Cannot Edit Text - will not save or publish

Hi all,

I have been attempting to update text (in a RTF) div. I make the change then publish and the change is not going live even when using a development site. I go back into Designer and the change has dropped out again.

I then used an incognito window - no change.
I restarted the machine - no change.
I used Safari rather than Chrome - same deal

I was able to get around this for the client update by going into CPanel (site is hosted externally) and modifying the html manually however this is going to be an issue if other client changes are requested and I will have to go in at some stage and update the above mentioned change.

Is this a known bug and can someone notify when this has been addressed so I can go in and do the appropriate changes?

Thanks in advance.

Do you have any plugins running when in incognito mode? How is your connection? Can you manually trigger a save? Other than that I would try a different network connection to rule networking out. You can always open a ticket with support since we can’t test for you.

Hi Jeff,

I ave disabled all extensions (even the Webflow one), refreshed and logged back into Webflow and no change. The network connection is working for everything else however to rule out I have switched to my iPhone personal hotspot and this didn’t help.

Here is the development site link - Blackboard - Sea Salt Fish and Chips - Menu

The actual site which is not hosted on Webflow can be found here - Blackboard - Sea Salt Fish and Chips - Menu

The line I added manually into the html is the fourth line down (currently a space shows here in the webflow development site) and should read;
‍1 Piece Fish & Chips 12.90

I’m not sure what the point of discussing the externally hosted site is since you would need to publish to that after you successfully made changes to the webflow site that is the source.

So just to be clear, you were having an issue modifying the webflow site in the Designer. Is that correct?

Hi Jeff,

Was just showing so that the desired end result could be seen versus the development site.

Yes, when I modify the text in the Webflow Designer, it looks ok. When I publish to the development site and then use the link in the publish button to view, the change hasn’t been effected. Also if I make the change in Designer, then change to another page on the site and go back to the page where I made the change, the change is gone.

This sounds like strange behavior.
The staging site shows <!-- Last Published: Fri Jul 02 2021 02:25:22 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time) -->

I suggest you open a trouble ticket if changes are not being published.