Cannot edit homepage settings

I cannot change the setting of the "home"page of my website. The pages panel allows me only to change sub-pages, not the homepages. That little wheel next to the symbol of the house is missing. Klicking that house symbol does not do anything. In your tutorials I find a lot about changing metadata of sub-pages, not on homepages. See 2 screenshots.

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Hey Claudia!

Normally the gear icon appears on hover, like this:


What browser are you using? The designer works best for Chrome (if you’re using some other).

Thank you Fabian,
I know it’s on hover, just my screenshot would not display the cursor. And the second pic was from a tutorial video. I tried to hover again and again -> no wheel there.
BUt your hint with Chrome DID IT!

Thank you so much, I was getting desperate.

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Really only Chrome is truly supported, even FF still has lots of issues.
It’s not really on WF though!