Cannot edit H1 on the home page


New to Webflow today after trying to help a friend.

I am trying to edit the text/content of the H1 on the homepage.

Div Block 9 seem to dominate the page and even when I go through ‘Navigator’ and find the heading 1 it is still completely shadowed by the Div Block 9.

I have attached 2 images. One is the Div Block 9 and the second is where I have found the H1 but I cannot update the text.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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This is one ‘Designer’.
When I go to ‘Editor’ it says publish the site. My friend built the site and made it ‘Live’ a few months back. I can be found on Google.

hi @project82 were you able to sort this? I had a look at your website and could edit the H1 so I’m assuming this was resolved. If not, do let us know :slight_smile:

Hi, yes i have resolved the issue.
Thank you.

excellent @project82 ! I have marked the topic as ‘solved’ so it doesn’t come up again :slight_smile: