Cannot delete collection list from product template page

Hi, I dropped by mistake a collection list CMS element inside the product template and I cannot delete it any more, which seem strange…

I get this error down the element hierarcy “this element contains an element that cannot be deleted” until the Add to Cart button, which also cannot be deleted…

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This likely because you can’t delete the “add to cart element” in the collection list.

This add to cart element is tied to the product page. I would move that element outside of the collection list then see if you can delete it.

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thanks for answering. unfortunately it didn’t work… I moved it out and I still couldn’t delete it. the best I could do was to put everything in a section and hide it… :frowning:

Hey Kia! If you’re having trouble deleting a Collection List from a Product template page in Webflow, it’s likely because of nested elements that cannot be deleted due to Webflow’s constraints. In Webflow, certain eCommerce elements, especially those linked to the Webflow’s native eCommerce system, cannot be deleted unless they are detached from their parent reference.

Try these steps:

  1. Unlink Any Nested eCommerce Elements:
  • Within the Collection List you added, click on any element tied to Webflow eCommerce (e.g., Add to Cart button, product name, product image, etc.).
  • In the settings panel on the right, there should be a cogwheel icon that takes you to element settings. For many eCommerce elements, you’ll see an option to unlink it from the current product or related setting. Click that option to unlink it.
  • Once unlinked, try deleting the element.
  1. Check for Other Nested Elements:
  • Expand the Navigator panel to see the hierarchy of your elements.
  • Look inside your Collection List for any other elements that might be causing the issue.
  • Temporarily move or unlink these elements from the Collection List.
  1. Delete the Collection List:
  • Once you’re certain that there are no nested eCommerce elements inside the Collection List, attempt to delete the Collection List again.
  1. Add to Cart Button:
  • If the Add to Cart button is the problem and you can’t delete it directly:
    1. Ensure the Add to Cart button is not inside another CMS list or eCommerce element.
    2. Try unlinking it from any product references via its settings.
    3. Once unlinked, attempt to delete it.
  1. Still Having Issues?:
  • Sometimes Webflow can have minor glitches. If you’ve tried the steps above and still can’t delete the Collection List, try the following:
    1. Undo: Use the undo command (Cmd/Ctrl + Z) to step back to before you added the Collection List.
    2. Refresh: Save your project, close the designer, then reopen it and try again.
    3. Backup: Check your project backups in the project settings. Webflow automatically creates backups of your project. You might be able to restore to a version before the problem occurred.

Let me know if this helps!

This did not work for me. I cannot delete anything within the CollectionList/CollectionItem/DivBlock/+AddToCart selections. I get a “There needs to be one instance of this element on the page,” error whenever I try. (And there IS more than one instance of this element on the page… because it’s a duplicate product Collection List.)

This issue accure since years now. It is insane that webflow do not make any move to resolve this issue!


Hi everyone, hi Adam

Was you able to resolve this issue?


I did run into the same problem. I was testing the e-commerce module and added Add to cart button to product detail and to category listing just to see how it behaves.

Now I decided to remove Add to cart from category listings, just to keep the product detail instance.

Now what. I can even rebuild the whole category page as it is the Ecommerce utility page?

This is really annoying!