Cannot Delete Categories/Products Pages

Not sure why my personal site is signed up for e-commerce (I picked a default template so maybe that’s why) but I can’t get rid of them. The sitemap generates pages that I am not using, and it appears there is no way to get rid of them.

I have disabled their indexing for now. But how do I do this to remove redundant pages?

If you have chosen a E-commerce template, those particular pages are automatically created. There is no way to remove them or turn them off once they have been created.

The only thing you can do is remove all content from the pages and add a the no-index robot code to the header for each of those pages.

Well, that’s disappointing.


Hahaha yeah thats life with Webflow. You will find simple and basic features even say Wix have, will be neglected as most of the companies time seems to go to advertising and adding features they can charge more for.