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Cannot copy/paste or delete content in the rich text element

Terrible UX. I can’t delete a single node in a rich text block? Pluck out the Heading and don’t delete the whole thing…

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I’m not going to record this… the tool is just flat out broken. I can’t edit a Rich text block. Really getting tired of all the bugs guys… what’s up?

thanks for the heads up. We are aware of this bug and are actively fixing it.

Once I have an update, I’ll reply back immediately.

This is working for me now after it hadn’t been working! Thanks guys!


Thanks for letting us know @adiggy :bowing_man: @cjroe I just replied on a separate post that was merged into this one before to let you know that we pushed a fix for the issue so after refreshing the Designer/Editor this error should be resolved. Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.

Please let me know if you’re experiencing any issues and I’ll be happy to look into this further :bowing_man:

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