Cannot connect to domain again after site transfer... URGENT

I transferred a site from my agency’s Workspace to another Workspace belonging to a client.

During the transfer, I was required to downgrade to a “starter” plan, which resulted in the domain connection being removed. After completing the transfer, a site hosting plan was purchased.

Since the site was downgraded and disconnected from the domain before the transfer, I want to reconnect it as quickly as possible!

However, I’m unable to reconnect the site with the domain again…

An error message states, “That domain is already connected to a Webflow site”… But I’ve confirmed that no other site is using this domain.

Does anyone know the reason? … URGENT…

Anthony, issues with the platform are handled via support, not the forum. There is nothing the community can help you with in this case.

Thanks. I am waiting for support…

In the meantime, it would be great to hear if anyone has experience with this situation.

( I am wondering if it is necessary to remove the current DNS records. But based on my experience, it’s not necessary unless the values change when reconnecting under the new Workspace or site plan.)

Total guess here, but the new verification TXT record step might be account-specific. Since you’ve moved the site to a new account, the TXT might be different, in which case you’d want to remove the old one and add the new one and re-verify.

In other words, it’s possible that the domain is correctly unlinked from the site, but that Webflow can’t verify + link it to the new account, and that the error message is poorly worded for this specific situation.


I have a similar situation (withour the message : “already LinkedIn”

What solution did you find to solve the problem ?

I am not super use to DNS, should I remove all the TXT expect the New one ? IS there any risk doing it ?