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Cannot click link behind element that is initially invisible

Hey all! Currently I am working on just a personal project ( )
I am recreating Windows 95 using webflow, Im in the early stages of the project and so far so good, however my first major issue I have ran into is that

The " OK " button on the initial window and the " Welcome Window " button on the left side of the screen are both supposed to be clickable, and they are if you are on a larger desktop screen, however on a smaller screen such as a laptop the start menu ( In the editor its the Div named “Start Menu” ) overlaps both buttons and even tho the start menu is hidden initially until you click the start button, I am not able to interact with the “Ok” and " Welcome Window " button.

Below is attached a screenshot demonstrating what I am referring to.

Just curious if there is a way around this or if i’ve set something up wrong? Thanks for the help!

Here is my public share link:

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Hi, @NormanDurkee

Property opacity:0% on load only makes elements transparent, but not remove them as a layer. They still exist there and take their places. So you will need to make them display: none as well for being able to click on the buttons.


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Got this to work the other day with your help and ment to reply and just say thank you! Worked like a charm and you are amazing!:raised_hands:

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