Cannot Change Rich Text Opacity for Blog Posts

My p tags (the grey text in the rich text below) have an opacity of 0.6 for some reason, and I cannot change it under the “CMS Collection Pages” editor.

How do I change the opacity so that it is 1, without doing a hacky-solution like having to override the CSS (which I am currently doing?)

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Hello @fahdnsheikh

Can you share your read-only link so I can show you?

Piter :webflow_heart:

@PeterDimitrov I am having that same problem. So I understand that the problem lies with the .rich-text p but how do I get rid of it?

@Bartek - If a more specific CSS selector is affecting an element in a RTF, you can create a nested rule under your class assigned the the RTF/RTE. That would be more specific and address the issue. Optionally you could write some CSS in a style block to do the same.

See Advanced Styling - Rich Text in the Webflow University.

@webdev Thank you for answering. I tried to follow the instructions here:

But no matter what I do, I am unable to select a nested paragraph. Whenever I click on a paragraph inside the rich text, it selects the rich texts.

I also tried to follow the instruction from the article that you linked, but the result is the same. When I hover above a paragraph, it doesn’t work as in the video. It highlights the whole rich text block instead of its subelement / a paragraph.

Tried it on Chrome and Firefox.

OK found it. I had to disconnect the rich text field from the collection field, otherwise styling does not work. It is explained here:

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Exactly! Thanks Bartek!
At the moment of writing this, the precise information on how to do it is here