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Cannot change font weight

Good Day,

I am confused and guessing I did not read something, things here change often :slight_smile:
but maybe not

Is there something new to the font weight situation

when you try to change font weight…the surrounding text box, the blue disappears
and every other font is invisble, when you close it, blue box reappears

You cannot change the font weight … Anybody have a clue… :).this is site I have had for 3 years, never this issue

I read someone had similar issue but was a template, which was made to force it…site is made from scratch… and .lol I would not know how to force it myself…its not critical but just odd never happened before

Added Note… I found 1 I coud change… it was set at 600… the box said “select”… but the only possibility was 400…after changing t 400 now is stuck at 400… this is new never before this new panel


OK…Just to see what else is happening

New Blank Template
Text Box

2 choices…400…700 everything else blank

added Federo which is on site with issue…now only allowing 400

Clearly was not case before or obviously I would not have most of it 500 or 600…this is not a good thing after the fact

All of the webflow fonts only show…400-700 so it is not my Federo font

So clearly not my site…Whew

webflow issue

Hi, @TimPhillipsDesign!

Hmm, :thinking: this does sound like odd behavior. The font weights of custom fonts are based on the uploaded weights:

Would you be able to share your Read-Only link? I’d be happy to take a look for you.

Thanks in advance :bowing_man:

Hi, it is not a public share site…I PMd you the link
To add I never uploaded anything except the regular Federo as it shows on Webflow fonts chooser…something changed

Thanks, @TimPhillipsDesign.

The Read-only link was very helpful :bowing_man:

I was able to check with the team and the expected behavior is to allow for the uploaded font weights (regular: 400) to be available, while the additional font weight options should not be available:

It is definitely odd that you were able to previously select the other font weights though they were not uploaded to your project.

From what I’ve researched - Federo’s font weight is only regular: 400 -

Ok… Yes was like that for several years, I think it was when panel changed…bummer

My only thought past that would be

The system will obviously do it without issue, without any added files…maybe a thought, but why not just enable it, you saw it was not improperly sized and evidently the system handed it just fine I believe since 2016

This is same for me in several sites…

Thanks For your fast response

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