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Cannot add custom domain


I am helping a friend with her Webflow site:

I have updated the on-page content and meta titles/descriptions.

But when I try to add the custom domain, it will not let me click the box, instead is ‘click here to add a custom domain’. (image 1).

When I do, it redirects to the hosting packages. She has a hosting package. (image 2).

When I add the custom domain (image 3) it says 'that domain is already connected to a webflow site (image 4).

Any help would be greatly appreciated?

Thank you.
image 1
image 2

image 4

I’m also having this issue!

Hi Mike,

This was my friend’s site. I was helping him. It turns out that the guy who he employed had built the site had actually built it on his own Webflow account and his own GoDaddy hosting package.

We had to track him down, get him to remove the site from his ‘Custom Domain’ and delete it off his hosting package with Godaddy.

We then had to add the site to my friend Godaddy servers and add the custom link on his Webflow site.