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Cannot Add a Public Site outside my account

Hi all,

I notice that you only can Add a Public Site with sites that are on your account, it makes sense.

The problem is some sites i made are outside my account:

1º - On a client ftp with some CMS
- enter my client´s webflow account and make the site there.

Probably i´m not alone here, is there a way to insert a website that are not in my webflow account?


1 - I don’t think that would be possible since you can’t import one whole site in webflow; only bits of code.
2 - You can transfer a site to another account with at least a micro plan but it is only available if the original account has the professional plan.

Yep but even with the professional plan i cannot transfer the site to my account because the client wants is own account.

And not forget that clients ask me to deliver just html/css and they will deploy in wordpress or other CMS.

it´s a bummer because i have sites “out there” that i want to put in my webflow portfolio but i can´t :frowning:

I´m i the only one in this situation?

You can just export the html/css code if you have a personal plan and above.

Hi @Rui_Almeida, thanks for the message. You are correct, the public sites cannot be put on your profile unless you are in control of the site. We have seen this too, and are thinking of ways to handle this, as those public links allow anyone to view the designs, and perhaps the clients do not want that. At the moment, I would suggest putting links to those published sites in the description of your public profile.

I hope that helps and we are looking at ways to be able to share these kinds of sites also. Cheers, Dave