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Cannot access Custom HTML code in Text Block after publishing

Hi, I have created a page to include some custom HTML code in a Text Block. After publishing, code is working but then I cannot access the code again in the page/body/section/container/text block.

My site is
page I tried to access is

All I see now is the boxes but cannot get to the code to edit.
Please assist.

You need to do this to share your project to get help :

Hi @kaprusi, can you explain a little bit, more of your issue? Are you trying to paste some custom html into your site? Once published, what are you expecting the custom html to do?

You can use the Embed widget on your site page, to paste in VALID html, if there is a problem with the HTML you paste in, then there can be issues. I looked at your site from the design link you provided, and I can see no custom html code embedded on the customehtml page.

Also, you can share your public link, as mentioned by @vincent, which will let us and others on the forum look at your site in read-only mode to try and help out :smile:

Look forward to your reply… Cheers !

Hi Cyberdave,Vincent,

I have enable read-only now. I am a Webflow first timer. Thanks for all your help in advance.
I should be seeing something like this below.
But I can only see it just after Publish. If after published and then get out of Webflow, I cannot see the results anymore. And worst, when I get back to Webflow, I can only see boxes. Thanks

Can you give us the link to the read only please?

hi @kaprusi, I was looking at your site in the backend, and it seems on that page that is in the design mode, where you have the faq, those embed html code you used for the FAQ have been deleted… the published site shows the FAQ though.

If you were using the html code to generate your FAQ, I noticed what looks like some javascript going on there, then you can restore your site to an earlier version. From what I can tell, it is just that the html code has been deleted.

To restore an earlier version of your site, go to site settings, then the Versions tab, and first preview each version and find the one that looks correct, then restore that as your working version.

Try that, to see if it helps you.

Cheers, Dave

Hi Vincent,

Appreciate your willingness to help. My read link is

I got the link from here (screenprint)

Hope that is what you need as I am a webflow rookie.


Thanks Dave, Will let Vincent have a go first. Then I will follow your suggestion to restore to the required version if available.


Hi Dave, Vincent,

Thanks. Sent email to as suggested.

How come WEBFLOW has this weird policy of limiting daily action as per screenprint below!! That is not good for effective issues resolution. I have to update/edit this old post.


Listen to Cyberdave he’s better equiped to answer this :slight_smile:

Hi @kaprusi, do you mind sending us an email to, and we will check out your situation offline from the forum on this one, and take a look.

Cheers, Dave