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Cancelled site hosting subscription by mistake - downgraded to free

Hi webflow guys!
Peter from the north as in Sweden here. I am a totally ROOKIE using webflow and I am trying to create my own page for my own company, but… after 9 days Im sitting here frustrated like…

I have paid not only once but twice for the CMS hosting (one month) but I had so much problems with the projects (don’t ask :innocent:) that I deleted them. BUT i didn’t know that I also cancelled the subscription (s) and therefore was downgraded to free again. So, when starting to create pages number 3 (you know) I receive the message saying, “You are using the free version… must upgrade”! I can see under my Account history that I have been charged two times in 9 days. When trying to contact webflow support there is only a Robot and I couldn’t find any telephone number or email… What can I do? Do I have to pay a third time to be able to use the program totally?
I am really, REALLY frustrated now…
Cheers Peter

Peter, if you follow through to the end of the chat bot, it should give you the option to send an email to Weblow’s customer support team. I just had to do it the other day.

If that doesn’t work, @Drew_Schafer, @PixelGeek, or any of the other Webflow Staff members should be able to get you pointed in the right direction.

If you have any specific questions about the designer or Webflow’s many functions, let me know and I would be happy to help! :slight_smile:

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Hey @Brazzezz sorry for any frustration or confusion you have had with our plans. They can be a bit confusing at times.

As @TylerCourts mentioned, definitly go to our support page and send in a support request through our chat bot. It will gather the needed info to help give you some credit so you don’t get charged again. When sent in, someone from our team will sort you out. :+1:

I might recommend you check out our Account Plans. An account plan will give you enhanced staging. This will allow you to nearly develop an entire site without needing to purchase site hosting. Here is some info on that: Plans & pricing | Webflow

TylerCourts and Drew_Schafer!
Thansk for asking so quickly. I will try to reach the support…
Thanks again

Hi again!

Well, its the same “support” I found yesterday, a robot. I must say Im not that impressed of it so far. I now sent a “request” a third time and soon one day later I can still not use webflow the way I want… nevertheless I have paid not only once but twice for it!

Thanks guys for trying to helping me though!

Hey @Brazzezz

We don’t provide live chat support at this time. Only email support. The chat bot helps this process by gathering the needed information so we can process things as quickly as possible.

Sorry for any confusion there. Our team will definitely be in touch soon to assist. :+1:

Hi Drew!

I hope you are ok what ever you are in the Wolrd? You kindly helped me some week ago so… I gentle and polite ask you of help again if/when you have time. I started used webflow from the begniing 2 weeks ago and … well, its not going that well… at all!

Now I have been stucked a whole day with some tiny, winy animation and I can not get it wokr, could you have a look at it? I am using (looking) at a quite eassy to floowing tutorial that you can see here: How to Webflow: Switch content with scrolling interactions - Tutorial (2019) - YouTube

  1. I cannot get it interactive as in the tutorial = I do the animations but when preview it the colour is changing randomly. After redoing it not once but four time its “nearly” wokring now. For some reason the page and color number three does not work when I scroll up?
  2. I cannot write different text in the heading in the content (named the content 1, the content 2, the content 3), the header has the same text however I do! And if I managed to change it it only changed in the content 3?

Thanks in advance


Link: Webflow - Branzell Solution IIII