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Cancellation and CMS hosting

Just a hypothetical question:

If I make a site for a customer and this site is put on a payed CMS Hosting plan (10$ month) and I for some reason should end my Webflow subscription at some point in the future. Will the site I made, that is under a payed CMS Hosting plan also be suspended? In short, can a published site live on without the subscription plan that was used to make the site?


Firstly, you will be Unable to downgrade account if number of sites exceeds new quota.

Secondly, if you downgrade to starter (free) plan, your CMS hosting will change from $10 to $20.

You currently cannot delete your account by yourself. To do so you need to unpublish all your projects and cancel existing subscriptions, before contacting support.

Thanks Samliew, sounds fair enough. So, in short; as long as the site(s) I make for my customers is hosted on the Webflow platform, I have to be signed up to a paid ‘Designer plan’ (16$ or 35$) in addition to the ‘CMS hosting plan’ (20$ or 10$), assuming that I have made more then one published site with two pages or more :wink:

Yes, that will make it most worthwhile. No point paying extra when you can upgrade your own account.

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