Cancel Plan / Hosting button is just bad UX

Like really weird. Let me illustrate.

This is the Hosting page for one of my websites. It currently has the CMS plan activated. That’s easy to spot, since the button in it’s container says “Current”. All good, all good.

Now, I want to cancel this plan and… the “Cancel Hosting” button is under the Enhanced Staging plan. And it’s also green. Wait, what? But I’m using a different plan! This doesn’t really make a lot of sense, does it?

What would make sense?

  1. Clearly show which is my active plan - DONE
  2. Have a DOWNGRADE button for plans below mine that let me move to them.
  3. Have a UPGRADE button for plans above mine.
  4. Have a clear RED CANCEL button which is actually in the container of my current plan.

This same thing is true for the Account Plan. I spent 2 minutes figuring out how to cancel my account plan (I needed to enable it just so I can transfer a website for which I had ALREADY paid hosting) and downgrade to the Free one.

How has this passed through you guys and gals is beyond me. This is a very, very, very simple and straightforward thing. And for all the amazing UX you’ve built in the tool it’s weird you’d make this process so… confusing.


I totally agree @Alex_Tokmakchiev

Something like CANCEL on hover will be nice to have.

As long as it’s under the actual current plan I don’t care how it’s implemented. It just makes 0 sense to have it under another plan.

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Yeaaa, it’s confusing

That is helpful
Thank you