Cancel form submission

Hello I have a problem.
I’m using Zapier to add new items to my CMS collection list by submitting a form, the problem is every time I add a new item I get an email with the form filled, how can I avoid receiving that form in my email linked to my WebFlow email.

My Read only link:

@Bikun - you could set up a rule in your inbox or remove the email address from the settings on your site.

One additional thought, you could delete your email from the dashboard in Webflow and use Zapier to send those emails. So it would be something like:

You could use rules in Zapier to send emails to specific addresses or not send it all based on the form that was submitted.

They are all kind of workarounds, but one of these might work for you.

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Hello sam-g.

Thank you very much for the answer, I had already thought about it before, but I have a problem, I use the automatic webflow submission for other forms on the site, I think that changing it for Zapier’s would be more work, besides I have the free version.