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Canadians! Name your favorite ISP

Share which one is your favorite ISP or internet services that you recommend

It depends on which province you’re in. I used Voice network when I lived in Ontario. It was fast and cheaper the Rogers or Bell.

I now live in British Columbia and using Telus for my internet connection. It isn’t has good as Voice network was but it seems to be alright.

TekSavvy is also a popular option.

Hope that helps.

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I am looking for a good ISP providing Cable internet here at Montreal.
I am pretty much confused with these two plans from Acanac.

60Mbps with 350 GB limit & an unlimited plan with 30 Mbps. Which one is better? both cost same. Pretty much confused on this matter? Apart from my work I use to play online game, Netflix. If you have any suggestion please provide it.

Can you suggest any good plans under $100?

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