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Canadian Taxes Showing HST & PST at Checkout (PST should not be showing)

HI there,

When I go to test the checkout page, I put in an example address located in Ontario which collects HST. But HST and PST show up for the taxes. PST shouldn’t be showing up, as I’m selling out of Ontario, and the shipping address is in Ontario. I have the taxes set up as “Automatic Tax Calculation”. Is this something I can fix? Surely there is someone in Canada using Webflow Ecommerce that have fixed this or has found a work-around. I’m assuming it’s TaxJar just selecting the whole of Canada, and not separating the taxes by province?

This only shows on the “Published” page.


I am having the same issue (I would like the GST and PST to show as HST). Did you find the solution? I noticed on your website you just have “taxes” when checking out. How did you do this?



Hey, I’m also looking for a solution to this. I need to only show GST and hide PST. Did anyone find a solution?