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Can you understand this price plan and how it works?

My client wanted a price plan for their Dental Care Plans.

Although the page needs more information, is this price grid easy enough to use and understand in your opinion?

A few thoughts:

The included Annual Hygiene Appointments could be listed as follows:

  • 0 Annual Hygiene Appointments
  • 2 Annual Hygiene Appointments
  • 4 Annual Hygiene Appointments

This seems like a natural step up and explains the price differences quicker. I was confused at first why the most expensive plan had fewer items listed. Then I read each one and figured it out. Also put the tooltip on each of them and remove the “to provide:Scale and polish, Periodontal advice” from the feature’s title.

Maybe do an opacity change on the features not included instead of the red. My eye went straight to the red instead of what is actually included. Focus on the positive.

For the Perio Plan, you could also split the 4 Annual Hygiene Appointments into

  • 2 Annual Hygiene Appointments
  • 2 Additional Annual Hygiene Appointments

This will give that plan an extra row making it feel fuller and visually different than the Care Plan.

The tooltip could also close if I click the information cell again and not just the tooltip.

Personally I would prefer larger fonts on the plan titles and price.

I think it’s on the phone landscape breakpoint that the middle Care plan overlaps the other two. Also when you stack the plans, maybe it would be good to move Care plan to the first item if you’re using flex box.

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Nice site! I think it’s clear, but agree an opacity or more subtle colour change and a cross instead of the red

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Thanks so much for a great breakdown! Exactly the kind of feedback I needed. :pray:

I love the 0, 2 ,4 idea for the hygiene apps, makes perfect sense, as well as the red. I’ll definitely be implementing those changes.

The style of the headers will be slightly different too I think, I’m drawing up some svg icons for them.

I’ve used a negative margin on the care plan to enlarge on the desktop so I missed that too.

@doyourthing thanks for reiterating the red too and glad you like the site. :grinning:

:+1: Happy designing!


From a UX perspective it isn’t very clear. You only need to list the base information once and use the other packages as addons. The pricing grid is wasting your screen real estate, don’t tell patients what they aren’t getting.

Hi @OSTexo

I’m not sure if you saw the old version as I’ve just updated it. If it’s the updated one then it’s back to the drawing board perhaps?

Original Post it was like this:


And I’ve just changed it to this:


The thing is, all the base options are the same, the only difference is the number of hygiene appointments.
So if I list just those 3, I have to somewhere on the basic plan, say 0 Hygiene Appointments



In this instance the grid is not a good idea, I’d suggest scrapping it. If you use the grid you’re wasting two thirds of your screen real estate. The situation is worse on mobile. Humans have trouble remembering more than a couple of content items from view to view.

Tell me about base plan with the real estate and allow me to button press my addons. You now should have enough room to explain the services to me an make the upsell impulsive. When you have that grid you’re confusing the prospect because they have to scroll, try to remember, scroll, try to remember. That translates into closing the browser window, not what you want.

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That makes a lot of sense, especially the mobile scrolling.

As you were typing I’ve just had a little play about with it.
Something more like this perhaps? That way it’s not all listed repetitively and I’m not telling the user what they’re not getting. I’ll put the worldwide cover points in the plan benefits too.



Simplify it even more, all in one column. Show me the base features, let me get that imprint and give me two buttons at the end with a statement that will motivate me to buy the silver or gold plan for just a little more $. Try that layout and see how that looks on mobile as well. That flow makes sense to me as a consumer. Does that make sense?

Thank you so much for the input, it does make a lot of sense. I’ll continue having a play with it and post here when I’m done. I might have to have a look at some more plan layouts to get some inspiration!


Is the objective to set the plan at the end of the page?

It just needs to be clear what the plans contain, which I think it’s a lot better now.

The idea of the buttons for the upsell is good, but in this case they don’t want to convert there and then, they want people to be able to find the information and then when it’s mentioned in the practice they’ll understand it a bit more.

I’ve updated the link again, and the feedback on this one is lot better thanks to you and @matthewpmunger



I was vague in the last few posts. It’s rough and a few things are left out but you get the general tooth cracker flow.

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Looks like you’ve made lots of progress with this. The benefits are clearer and the upsell is getting stronger.