Can you test this homepage on Mac?

Hi !

Can you test on safari on mac and tell me if you experience any bug on the homepage ?

The password is 3360.

my client says the page bugs and I don’t know what to do…

On google chorme is perfect.

if u want to see what could be causing the issue :

Thank you very much,


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Not seeing a problem in the live version — in the Webflow designer the video is pixelating, is that the issue? If so, not a problem in the live site. Safari 15.3 and Firefox 98, MacBook M1

What types of bugs are they reporting?

On scroll, the experience a sort of “resistence”, and overhall the scroll is not fluid.

I did notice a bit of issue when on safari, none on chrome. Mostly related to the side navigation that brings you to the anchors.

What’s a good way to send a video, I took a screen recording, not sure how much it helps because the scroll is related to the feedback to the input you put in.