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Can you set a Fixed element within a Container?

I am trying to set a fixed element to be in the bottom right hand corner of a container. Is there any way to do that ? I just want it to effect the container. When I drag the image into the container and I set it to fixed in the bottom right hand corner it is defaulting to the Body.

Please help.



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Hi @JibbyFlow

That is how ‘fixed’ is supposed to act. Try using ‘absolute’ instead (the 3rd icon instead of the 4th)!

Greets, Tom

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@TomLamers Thank You for the reply. I will try that today and let you know how it goes. I appreciate the info.


I tried setting it to Absolute. And then placing it in the bottom right hand corner of the container. When I preview the page it is viewed outside the container still. Not really sure what I am doing wrong here. It is on the hardware page. The Green dish with fork and knife for the restaurant software.

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