Can you manually adjust pricing in an order that is already placed?

I have a website I am creating for African stones and paintings. For all of our stones we will need to manually adjust the pricing due to the weight and dimensions and its dependent on where the product ships to.

Is there a way that when a customer places an order we can go back and adjust the cost for shipping manually. Help! Open to suggestions…

Here is a read only link of my project.

Most e-commerce solutions, including Webflow’s rely on a product catalog with pre-established pricing rules and shipping costs. Otherwise the checkout process and payment become impossible.

If you can make your shipping pricing work with the shipping calculator, you’re all set;

Otherwise what you’re describing follows a different model of estimate → enquiry → invoice → payment;

  1. Customer sees the basic or general pricing on the site
  2. Enquires on the current cost with shipping to their location
  3. You calculate and invoice them, usually by email
  4. If they approve, they pay

In this case, people usually have an online catalogue and an invoicing system like Xero, MYOB, or even just Stripe direct. It’s a different flow from a fully-automated online store.