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Can you make tables natively in Webflow?

Hi all, does Webflow have the ability to make tables? I’m guessing no, but just wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something obvious somewhere.


@KPMT you can embed them for sure

Thanks! Do you have any suggestions as to where I can make one elsewhere so I can then embed it into Webflow? Sorry…I don’t use tables that often and am unfamiliar with how to write the code to create one.

Thank you!

@KPMT Check this out. Hopefully it helps.


@Poliigon Thanks for sharing that link! :+1:

It’s a bummer tables can’t be made in Webflow natively, though. Maybe some day. :crossed_fingers:


@Poliigon Thanks for sharing this.

Can we use this on CMS dynamic content? I need tables to be part of product descriptions.


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This link leads you to the showcase page, i think its been redirected can you send the link to this because i am trying to create a table a well.