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Can you help me with my colour issues?


On my blog cover, I’m using the colour from the blog post, but it seems to be giving me a slightly different colour each time… Please see screenshot for example. Any help would be hugely appreciated :slight_smile:


Con you share your public link please?

Thank you, it’s :grinning:

Hi, @Daniel_Kempe

Could you please update your post with read-only link so we can help you faster?

How to share a read-only link:

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Ok, it’s thank you.

I can’t see the reason of the issue that you are experiencing. Also, I opened your site in Safari, Chrome and Firefox and having NO ISSUES with the color.

What browser and OS do you use?

I’m on Chrome on Mac OSX and on iMac 27 inch. The colour looks fine inside webflow, but when visiting site via the problem is apparent.

Checked on Mac OSX, Linux and Chrome OS. All colors looks solid.

Very weird… Can you see different colour in my screenshots?

Yep! It’s not just you! Confirmed on Chrome latest on macOS. This is a widespread Chrome bug and not a Webflow or design-related issue on your end.

Another topic on the matter:

Another external source:

Thanks @McGuire! Bug reported. Seems so strange that they would let this persist, or is it just affecting webflow sites?

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Hi all, I’ve now identified how to fix this issue, just make the colour 99% transparency.

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