Can you help me find the culprit?

Somewhere along the way, I did something to void a button on my landing page. I’ve been fiddling around with layers and z-indexes, etc. to find out what’s causing the break, but no luck. If anyone is willing to help me resolve this, I can’t get my “> Press Start” button to work.


It’s the negative-2 z-index on landing-content.

When I make that z-index 0 or above, it becomes clickable (albeit messes up your design stacking). Additionally, if I move landing-start out of the landing-content group, it works.

@joejola try this:

  1. change z-index on landing-content to 2
  2. remove background color/overlay on landing-content
  3. if overlay must be kept, add it as a separate div inside landing-content instead

You’re a genius. That worked. Thank you!

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